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The 3.3 million acre Rogue Basin is globally recognized for its high biodiversity, complex geology and productive fisheries. In the past fifty years population increases and their resulting environmental impacts have changed the face of many Rogue Basin systems. With its unique features and a rapidly changing social and ecological landscape, the Rogue Basin offers enormous potential for effective watershed restoration. However, with over 30 different natural resource organizations working in the region there is a need for organizational alignment and coordinated planning. In order to address the need for regional and collaborative restoration planning and implementation, the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) has been working with local natural resource organizations to develop an integrated approach to restoration in the Basin. This process, which began in January 2013, focused on leveraging the strengths of local organizations to build a comprehensive Rogue Restoration Action Plan, which will help the partners integrate the prioritization of restoration, and assign leadership responsibilities for action, while incorporating previous planning efforts. The first draft of the Rogue Restoration Action Plan was completed in June 2015.


Over the course of the action planning process it became clear that an essential element of creating a comprehensive restoration strategy is to establish a backbone organization to serve the entire Rogue Basin and provide focus and accountability throughout the region. To meet this need, the Rogue Basin Partnership (RBP) was created.


For most of 2015, RBP has been working to finalize the organizational framework necessary to serve as a backbone entity for restoration work in the Rogue Basin. Through this process, a Steering Committee made up of representatives from RBP member organizations has established recommendations for the organizational design of RBP. These recommendations address governance, staffing, operations, decision-making, and committee and board composition. The Steering Committee has also drafted revised versions of the RBP Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation that are commensurate with the new mission of the organization. These governance documents were formally approved by the RBP Membership on August 24, 2015. 


With our comprehensive planning efforts nearing completion, RBP will now be moving into a phase of implementation. Please check back for updates as RBP moves into this exciting new chapter of development...


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The RBP and its partners are working to bring greater efficiencies to natural resource management in the Rogue Basin. Please keep stay tuned to our development:



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